Ukrainian also deserves a peaceful war free Christmas !!

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No christmas in ukraine….

What is Christmas?

Christmas is one of the few festivals that is celebrated all over the world,Be it Europe, America, Africa, Asia or Australia.On Christmas day every single person in the world is with their friends and family having fun and doing christmas decorations. Now It is understood that Christmas makes everyone feel close to each other no matter what country they are in.But there is someone in this world who is feeling himself far away and apart from us and it is none other than UKRAINE.

We all know that no country can even come close to the way Ukraine celebrates Christmas. It is always a treat to watch how they celebrate and I always wanted to be the part of it. After watching the 2021 celebration, I had made up my mind that in 2022 I will go to Ukraine and be a part of it. But everything changed this year, Everything is out of order and no one knows when things will be back to normal.

All of us are celebrating Christmas comfortably on the streets of our country with our friends and family without any fear. On the other hand in Ukraine they do not feel safe inside the house let alone going out of the house. But still all of them are upbeat and this year also they have decided to celebrate the Christmas without any fear to show that no one can break their spirits and they will face every trouble firmly no matter what.You can also read the complete statement of kyiv’s mayor here:-

Here are some pictures of their Christmas tree this year which they call ‘The Tree of Invinciblity’.

Tree decorated with white birds ‘The symbol of peace”
Tree at night

No one knows who is the culprit of this war? But everyone knows who is the victim of this war? :- Deepak

and the answer is very simple, ordinary citizens of Ukraine. Who still do not know what their fault is and are being punished for what?

I am no one to explain it to you because all of you are more intelligent than me.I can only request you to try as much as you can and make sure that Ukraine can again celebrate Christmas in full swing like the old way.Believe this too, it will be a sight to behold.

Share this and spread peace!!! #noeraforwar

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