You Won't Believe The Strange Addition To This Christmas Tree

Hint: It’s Alive!

Reddit / carefree_dude

Most people decorate Christmas Trees with stockings, flashing lights, and fancy ornaments.

Basically, all things non-living.

However, Reddit user carefree_dude and his wife find the norm to be too… um, stationary. And so their Christmas Tree is slightly different. It comes with a resident squirrel named Mitten!

It seems carefree_dude is also a hella’ nice dude. Apparently, the couple found the squirrel on the side of the road about a month back. The squirrel was in a pretty bad way, likely having been hit by a car.

The squirrel was in such a bad way that it could hardly eat or walk. So the nice couple approached a wildlife rehabilitation center and started caring for Mitten.

Come holiday time, Mitten found a new luxurious home. Yup, you guessed it — the Christmas tree!

Reddit / carefree_dude

When Mitten was first discovered by carefree_dude he was twitching badly from a head wound.

And just FYI, there was no reason to be scared as small rodents aren’t carriers of rabies.

Reddit / carefree_dude

Carefree_dude and his wife nursed Mitten to health with medicines procured from the wildlife centre. Mitten was better in about six days and could even keep down the food.

However, the head trauma has left his head eternally tilting sideways and he can’t be returned to the wild.

Reddit / carefree_dude

So instead the caring couple brought some of the magic of the Wild to Mitten, letting him camp out in their Christmas tree!

However, this is just a temporary abode. The couple is working on building a three-by-five foot home for Mitten with his own little tree!

Reddit / carefree_dude

The couple would like to one day start a wildlife rehabilitation center to care for other furry little rodents like Mitten in need of home and shelter.

Carefree_dude says that Mitten might never be able to lead a wild life like he used to, but under their care he can lead a good life.

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