Woman Gets Pregnant, Then The Doctors Discover That Her Womb Is Filled With Tumors

This mom was suffering from a rare case of ‘molar pregnancy’

Naturally, when this woman discovered she was pregnant, she and her family were over-the-moon. The couple already had a son and were excited at the prospect of welcoming a new addition to the family. Sadly, things didn’t quite go to plan.

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The pregnancy seemed to be going fine at first, but then the mom started to get sick. She knew that something was wrong, especially because she had never had any sickness issues with her first pregnancy.

The couple decided to go for an ultrasound to see what was wrong. The doctors were astonished by what they saw: the woman wasn’t actually pregnant.

Instead of a baby in her womb, there were dozens of tumors.

The rare condition is called a “molar pregnancy” and occurs when an egg has been fertilized, but instead of developing into a baby, it creates a bunch of cysts.

The mom’s husband took to Facebook to share their shocking story, scroll down to see what he wrote.

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“Recently, we found out we were preggers. It was great news! We were going to grow our family by one more heartbeat.

My wife had been very sick most of the pregnancy, which was not like our first at all. At 11 weeks, we had our first ultrasound and the news was not good.”


“There was no baby. Instead it looked like a bunch of grapes. It was a tumor.”


“They call these molar pregnancies. My wife had to have a DNC to have it removed immediately. Because molar pregnancies are so vascular, the surgeon had to prepare for a full hysterectomy.

Luckily, they got it all out without taking any reproductive organs.”


“According to the Mayo Clinic, signs of a molar pregnancy can include:

Dark-brown to bright-red vaginal bleeding during the first trimester Severe nausea and vomiting Vaginal passage of grape-like cysts Pelvic pressure or pain, though rarely”


“Though we didn’t get to add to our family, I am so thankful for the amazing wife and son that I currently have.”

This family had to go through a difficult experience, but let’s hope that they can have another baby sometime soon! Please SHARE the story around to raise awareness about molar pregnancies.