Woman Aborts Baby Based On Rumors Of Her Boyfriend Cheating

And people are not OK with it!

The Jeremy Kyle Show sure brings out some of broken Britain’s shocking truths. Melissa, a guest on the show, admitted that she went all paranoid and decided to get an abortion after hearing rumors about her boyfriend.

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The Jeremy Kyle Show via YouTube

Melissa came on the show to find out whether David really did cheat on her while she was on a holiday in Turkey. She said that she had a wonderful first five-weeks in their two-year long relationship, but she claimed that as soon as she went on vacation, David fell off the wagon and cheated on her.

When she got back, she heard people talking all about it and she believed the rumors based on a “gut feeling”. She was pregnant with their child at the time and was so disgusted by David’s alleged antics that she decided to get an abortion.


On the show, Jeremy Kyle went ahead and conducted a lie detector test on David, which he passed with flying colors, proving that he had never cheated on Melissa at all!

The news certainly shocked and appalled certain viewers:

Afterwards, Jeremy went on to say, “You had a termination of your baby with him because ‘the arguments got so bad you couldn’t trust him because of what people had said’. That’s the really sad part about this.”

Jeremy added that Melissa now had to make it up to David after accusing him of cheating, but certain viewers weren’t happy with that either:

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