Watch the INSANE Footage This Man Caught After Using His Boy Scout Knowledge to Survive

He sent his wife this shocking video!

“Always be prepared” goes the Boy Scouts’ motto, and no one was more prepared for an emergency situation than this guy…


We all try to prepare ourselves for the worst. Personally, I try to be ready for any situation that I may come across. I like to have a backup plan in case anything happens, and gain the skills I need to get out of it if necessary. No one like anxiety!

We’ve all read those “lifehacks” posts and tricks to save money, energy, or time. For example, remember the ones that show you how to free yourself in case you’ve been tied up by duct tape? What about the one that shows you how to transform pill bottles into survival kits for your car or purse?

Preparing for the worst is something everyone needs to consider, and while you may think it won’t happen to you, you make be able to one day save your own life just by thinking ahead.

A Former Boy Scout, Kerry Packer from Texas, found out just how important it was to think ahead in case of a bad situation. All he needed was the motto repeated over and over again throughout his childhood: “Be prepared.”

During a stormy tornado season in central Texas, Kerry was driving when his car was suddenly hit with a wave of water during a flash flood. He was still inside the car, but he kept himself calm and grabbed a tree branch that he passed by. He managed to free himself from the car, and find safety in a tree.

He waited out the worst of it, but captured amazing footage of his scenario with his camera, during which he spoke to his wife and even news anchors, who were stunned when they realized that he was still above flood water whilst he spoke to them.

Take a look at the crazy video below!

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