Tiny Pup Finds Shelter And Warmth, Laying Next To Baby Jesus In The Manger

Would you let him stay?

A small community in Brazil prepared to celebrate the Christmas season with a visit to the community’s annual nativity scene. What they stumbled upon instead was slightly confusing, quite cute, and totally unexpected. Let’s just say little baby Jesus had some company that night.


The town of Criciuma, a small suburb of Santa Catarin, Brazil, spotted a strange figure lying next to the swaddled baby. A small animal seemed to be nuzzled up in the wooden trough, right next to the Messiah himself.


Upon closer examination, bystanders determined the adorable little furball was simply a German Shepherd puppy. Apparently, he’d been cold that evening and knew Christ wouldn’t turn him away.


His presence drew quite a crowd, bringing lots of commotion and noise with them. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother the pup. He stayed asleep, sometimes waking with a tired look on his face and a plea to keep it down.

Jesus, the three disciples, and Mary were eventually packed up after the holidays, along with the rest of the nativity scene. Still, at least the dog could say he got to stay away in a manger.

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