Three Students Buy A Dirty Couch For $20, Then Discover A Secret Fortune Hidden Inside It

These college kids couldn’t believe their eyes as they pulled more and more cash out of this couch

What would you do if you found a secret fortune hidden away in something you bought? That was the question facing this trio of students after they found thousands of dollars inside a smelly old couch.

YouTube/CBS New York
YouTube/CBS New York

Back in 2014, three college kids named Reese, Lara and Cally bought an old couch from The Salvation Army. The couch was pretty old and ugly, but it only cost $20 and managed to fit inside their apartment, so that was all that mattered.

A couple of months went by, and then something crazy happened. One night, the students were sitting together watching a movie, when they suddenly noticed that something seemed to be hidden inside the couch.

They investigated and soon found an envelope hidden under one of the sofa’s arms. The envelope contained $700, and the kids couldn’t believe it.

But then the story got even more amazing.

The students kept digging and pulled out another envelope, and then another and another and another. After a little while, they’d found a whopping $40,000 buried away inside the sofa.

At first, they were overwhelmed. They’d hit the jackpot and they started to dream about all the things they could buy.

Then they noticed that there was a name on all of these envelopes.

They realized that this money could be really important to someone and all agreed to do the right thing and track down the original owner.

They went through the phone book and called the name on the envelopes. They got into contact with a woman and visited her home. She was a widow who revealed that the $40,000 was her and her late husband’s life savings. The couch had been accidentally given away by the widow’s daughter, and she had assumed that the money would be lost forever.

Naturally, she was very happy to get her $40,000 back and even gave the students $1,000 to thank them for doing the right thing.

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