This Woman Learnt The Hard Way Why She Shouldn't Park In A Handicap Spot

A recent experiment from National Geographic delivered some sweet, sweet justice to the able-bodied, illegally parked driver

National Geographic have conducted an experiment to catch and shame people who illegally park in handicap spots.

National Geographic
National Geographic

They sent a man out, posing as a disability van driver, to look for cars parked illegally. It didn’t take long to find a culprit, an SUV parked outside of a Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin, Texas. The car wasn’t marked with handicap placards, so it’s safe to assume they weren’t parked there for any good reason.

Then, in an act of brilliant, sweet justice, the van blocks the vehicle in, and the passengers begin to unload extremely, extremely slowly, forcing the driver to stand and wait while the guilt set in.

Check out the brilliant video below!