This Student Wants to Travel Abroad, So She Put Her Virginity On Sale for £130,560

All Ariana wants is a good education, and apparently the cost of a good education is her own virginity.

I’ve considered doing some pretty horrible jobs to make a bit of extra cash, but this Russian student took things to a whole new level…

20-year-old Ariana wants to study abroad, but unfortunately she doesn’t quite have the funds – so she’s found a fairly unconventional way to earn a few extra pounds. Actually, 130,560 extra pounds to be exact. Ariana decided that the easiest way to raise money was to sell something quite precious, and seemingly quite valuable: her virginity.


She has listed her auction on an escort website, with £130,560 being the starting price. Bidders even have the option to have two virgins should they make an offer on her best friend Lolita. What a snatch! Lolita is also 20, just in case you were getting concerned.