This Phenomenal Chinese Landmark Does Absolutely Nothing And Cost The Public Over £10 Million!

As magnificent as it looks, locals are not happy with the ‘Ring of Life’

China appears to have built a gigantic inter-dimensional portal in the middle of a city…


The magnificent ‘Ring of Life’ observation deck – situated in Fushun, Liaoning province – stands at 157 metres tall, and is built from 3000 tons of steel lined with 12,000 custom-made LED lights.

The Fushun Municipal Government commissioned the ambitious project, modelling the concept after the Eiffel Tower. The project cost £10 million.


The Ring of Life has four lifts that transports visitors to the top, where there’s an observation deck that looks over the city. Officials hope that the structure will become a major tourist landmark for the city. Urban planners and architects had abandoned a string of entertainment projects that suffered from the city’s small population, before going forward with the Ring of Life.


As remarkable as it may look, there are many locals who have strongly criticised the project. The general response from Weibo users has been that the colossal building was a colossal waste of public money, resources, and labour; an opinion echoed by Chinese media. Many argue that the money would have been better spent on public services.