This Guy Used To Be A Homeless Drug Addict. Now He's A Millionaire.

Incredible story shows it’s never too late to turn your life around

This incredible story shows how one man went from living on the streets with a heroin addiction to living the high life and running his own successful business!

Khalil Rafati
Khalil Rafati

Homelessness is a big issue all around the world. Countless people are forced to live on the streets, struggling to survive each and every day. Khalil Rafati used to be one of those men.

13 years ago, Khalil found himself living in the Skid Row area of LA, renowned for its high homeless population and drug links. Khalil had a heroin addiction and barely made it through his days. He lost a huge amount of weight and developed some nasty conditions too.

Somehow, he turned it all around and wrote the story in his new book, ‘I Forgot To Die’.

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Originally a car salesman, Rafati eventually started dealing drugs on the side in order to earn some extra cash. His little side-job led to him trying out heroin for himself, and he soon became addicted.

He took an overdose back in 2001 and nearly lost his life, as well as serving time in jail and spending most of his time out on the streets.

Here’s how Rafati described the state of his life:

“I reached the bottoms of all bottoms. There was no more digging left to do, all of my shovels were broken. I was done.”

But he wasn’t done. Not yet. He still had some hope and strength inside him and used that to make a new life for himself.

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He decided to go sober and then started up his own recovery center named Riviera Recovery. At this center, drug addicts and alcoholics could get the help they needed and start living better lives.

Soon after this, Rafati started learning about the latest trends of superfoods and juice bars.

He became interested in nutrition and decided to start making his own smoothies to sell to the patients who visited his center. The idea was to give them a boost of energy in order to face their problems and overcome new challenges.

The smoothies were a big hit with the patients. Then, other people started buying them.

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Rafati reveals in his book how lots of people would start visiting the recovery center just to buy a smoothie. He said that the situation was actually becoming “embarrassing” so he decided to open up his own juice bar in order to keep the Riviera Recovery center separate from his smoothie sales.

His new bar was named SunLife Organics and was an instant success. He now owns six different locations all around LA, and is a self-made millionaire.

Rafati may be living the high life now, but he refuses to forget his past. He knows how hard it can be for so many people living on the streets, so he tries to offer jobs to those in need.

One of his employees, Cache Coelho, used to have an OxyCotin addition but is now on the road to recovery after being given a chance by Rafati.

This is a truly inspirational story and it’s amazing to see what people are capable of when they’ve got a bit of hope and willpower.