This Cool Uncle Handmade A Sandbox For His Nephew


As the weather warms up and kids are home from school, many caretakers are looking for affordable ways to keep the little ones entertained. As it turns out sandboxes are the perfect option!

All it takes is a few sand toys from the dollar store for kids imaginations to run wild! If buying a plastic sandbox from the store isn’t your style you can do what one Imgur user did! Rionled posted step-by-step instructions of how he made a custom sandbox for his young nephew. If you’re feeling handy, take a look at how he made his, and then try making your own!

Here’s what rionled used for his custom sandbox:

  • Decking timber in 6×2 and 4×2 sizes
  • 75mm and 45mm screws
  • 8 hinges
  • 4 handles
  • Wood stain
  • Drop saw
  • Drill
  • Spray gun for painting

Step one

rionled created the bottom frame for the sandbox by securing 6×2 boards with 70mm screws. You’ll want to secure the boards very tightly as they can shrink with time!

via Imgur / rionled

Step two

Use the bottom frame to measure the material for the sandbox’s seat and lid.

via Imgur / rionled

Step three

Around 12 pieces of decking timber were needed to create the lid of the sandpit. For tthe rest of the tutorial, number the pieces on either side from 1-6 (1 being the edge pieces of the lid and 6 being the middle pieces).

via Imgur / rionled

Step four

The first and second pieces of decking timber on either side were screwed to the frame with no space between the boards. A 3 millimeter gap was left between the second and third boards. Hinges were added to the third boards to make sure they could flip 180-degrees. 2x4s were cut to the width of the third and fourth boards and screwed into the boards on either side.

via Imgur / rionled