This Boy Spent 2 Years Selling Lemonade So He Could Buy A Horse

After raising $3,000, Sabastian Lucas’s parents made his dreams come true, and his reaction is perfect

Sabastian Lucas from Queensland, Australia really really wanted a horse

He told his parents his desire a couple years ago, and they told him that if he really wanted it, he’d have to work hard for it. So, on his own initiative, Sabastian decided to open his own lemonade stand to raise the funds he needed.

For two years, he sold iced tea and lemonade to his friends, family, and community. He never once spent any of his Christmas and tooth fairy money, and not a dime from any other kind of allowance. He had one goal in mind, and he was determined to achieve it.

After the two years, Sabastian has raised over $3,000. Keeping to their word, his parents granted his wish and bought a white Welsh mountain pony named Tom Boy. They had the pony secretly transported to their stables, and surprised their deserving son with the amazing reward.

Check out the video below; Sabastian’s reacting is absolutely amazing!