This Artists Creates Amazing Illustrations Showing Everyday Women Struggles

How many can you relate to?

From yoga problems to unrealistic expectations and makeup fails…

via Facebook / C. Cassandra

Life has its ups and downs, but Cassandra Calin makes sure we can squeeze a laugh out of it! The artist, who is also a graphic designer, turned our pesky daily struggles into hilarious comic strips. Trust me, you’ll relate to a few of these!

1. Struggles with your zen

I can only fin my zen during yoga if I happen to fall asleep during Shavasana.
via Facebook / C. Cassandra

2. Beach body

Because who doesn’t love peeling off patches of their skin after a week of utter pain and redness?

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via Facebook / C. Cassandra

3. I just hate when this part of the year comes along…

There really is nothing more flattering on a woman that that ratty old t-shirt you wore through the 90’s.

via Facebook / C. Cassandra

4. Trying to get that beauty sleep…

It’s best not to look in the mirror for at least 3 hours after waking up. No one needs to see all that right after waking up.

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via Facebook / C. Cassandra