This 20 Year Old Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity. And She Has A Very Good Reason For It.

Katherine Stone is selling a night in her company after enduring a family tragedy

The internet was shocked to see that this young woman is prepared to sell her virginity. But then we learned why she was doing it.

Katherine Stone
Katherine Stone

This is Katherine Stone. She’s 20 years old and right now, the price of her virginity is valued at over $400,000.

Why is she doing it? Well, back in 2014, Stone’s family home burned down. She and her parents didn’t have very good home insurance and couldn’t afford to rebuild the property or buy a new house. Instead, they kept on living there as well as they could.

A while later, Stone was browsing the internet when she spotted an advert about legal brothels. That was when the idea hit her; she decided to sell her virginity to raise money for her family.