16 Problems That Wait For You After School Holidays

Procrastinating to the next level…

When you’re at school, you live for the holiday’s. So when it’s time to sit that dreaded exam, it’s like life slapping you in the face… 

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You think breaks can last forever but no other time goes by faster. When you’re done and it’s time to go back, you can’t possibly face that dreaded place again.

The dread doesn’t end the day you come back- you still feel like crap for at least a week or two after. I haven’t even been in school since I graduated two years ago, and I still treat everything in life like I’m on a homework deadline.

Since we can’t really run away from something that occupied us for at least 15 years of our life, we’re just going to try to laugh the pain away with these 16 school-related problems…

1. You think, “Should I fix this?”, but that thought in your mind keeps saying, “Just go with it! We’re almost done!”

Just pray the professor isn’t reading too closely.

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2. I guess this will just help you learn to cheat in the real world too.

Does anyone ever remember what they learned at college anyway?

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3. Really though, why do we bother?

Although this will help your case if you’re hoping for that extension…

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4. Everyyyy semester there has to be a class like this one.

It may even be super easy, just absolutely unbearable. 
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