These 15 Facts About Comedy Legend Sarah Silverman Will Shock You!

One of the most hilarious comedians out there!

I had no idea she had so much more depth to her than purely comedy…

Who doesn’t remember the day they first watched Sarah Silverman? I remember hearing so much about her, then stumbling upon The Sarah Silverman Show on TV. After just two minutes of the funniest comedy I had seen at the time, I was hooked!

She was so new and cooler than the comedy you would see on typical sitcoms. She brought a different method of comedy to television, and even cooler- she was a woman! She showed the world that women can be funny, dirty, and just plain hilarious.

After loads of stand up specials, she’s moved onto movies and acting in general, and she even wrote a best-selling book! You may think you know what made her famous, or even a few of her jokes, but she is so much more than the laughs she provides. Find out more below!

1. Just like many other comedy legends, she started in comedy by performing stand-up in 1992, but she got her first  real big introduction on Saturday Night Live in 1993. She was even a writer until 1994!

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2. The reason why she was only on SNL for one season was because they fired her! She says it was because they said that she hadn’t written “one single funny sketch.” We don’t believe that!

There were no harsh feelings though, she even hosted SNL in 2014!

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3.  One of her breakthrough moments was for the hilarious duet she had with Matt Damon! It played in 2008 on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, originally meant to be a joke about them doing a duet behind Jimmy’s back!

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4. Sarah dated Jimmy Kimmel from 2002 to 2009!

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