These 11 TV Shows Completely Out-Do The Original Movie

I’ll take these shows over their movie counterparts any day.

All actors wish they can be part of a movie that’ll be a big hit in the Box Office. When that happens, the goal is that they get to make a lot of money through royalties, and then they’ll keep making movies…

Then every once in a while a big producer comes along and says something along the lines of “Hey, we wanna make this a TV show” (at least I think they say that). Well, sometimes that TV show goes on to be an even bigger hit than the original movie. Here are 11 shows that did just that.

1. Of course, there’s Hannibal. Don’t get me wrong, the movie with Anthony Hopkins was absolutely incredible. The TV show on the other hand is nothing short of being pure art.

The show, starring Mad Mikkelsen, developed on the never before seen deep-felt relationship that he and the detective that was hunting him had, which added a new angle to their on-screen relationship.

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2. The new HBO show released this year, Westworld, takes what the original movie had, but then showcased it in probably the most shocking and amazing way, with Anthony Hopkins playing an incredible role.

HBO did an amazing job adding their touch to what was an incredible idea in the first place.

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3. The original Buffy: The Vampire Slayer movie, released in 1992, wasn’t exactly what creator, Joss Whedon, was going for.

“It didn’t turn out to be the movie that I had written. Not that the movie is without merit, but I just watched a lot of stupid wannabe-star behaviour and a director with a different vision than mine — which was her right, it was her movie — but it was still frustrating.”

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The original movie was intended to be a horror, but the script the movie was based on wasn’t actually written by the creator. The executives decided to turn it into a comedy instead.

Seven years later though, Joss Whedon was able to make the Buffy he wanted in the form of the TV show we all know and love.

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via Dazed Digital