The Future of the House That Inspired Pixar's 'Up' is in Question

Developers offered Edith Macefield over $1 million to leave her home in Seattle, Washington.

In 2006, developers in Seattle, Washington proposed the construction of a new shopping mall. The only problem was that of an 84-year-old woman who refused to leave the site.


Edith Macefield was was offered more than $1 million dollars to leave her home. If she accepted the offer, her house would have been demolished to make way for the massive shopping centre, but Edith wouldn’t budge. Instead, developers were forced to build the mall around her humble home.

There wasn’t much Edith would’ve done with the money, and what 84-year-old can be bothered going through the moving process all over again? It was never really going to work out well, but nobody expected them to just straight up build a mall that towers over and around the home.

It’s a familiar sight for anyone who has seen Pixar’s ‘Up’ – which was inspired by Macefield’s home after her story went viral online. The story became a symbol of our battle with corporatism.


After her death in 2008, Edith’s house was left with Barry Martin, a construction chief from an adjacent building site. Martin had become close friends with Macefield, and had helped her greatly during her final days.

Initially, Martin wanted to keep the house as a memorial for Macefield. While being gutted and remodeled in May 2015, however, the house was put up for auction. It failed to sell, because the $170,000 home came with $300,000 of lien taxes. Eventually, the house was re-listed with the tax liens removed – and it is set to be sold to the highest bidder.

We hope the house stays there forever! It has become an iconic site in Seattle, and it would be a tragedy if after all Edith went through to keep it on its feet, the home is demolished.

Check out the video tour below to see the home in its current condition!