Talented Artist Transforms Trashed Books into Cool-Looking Art

Old books get metamorphosed into beautiful sculptures

The words on the pages of a book can paint pictures and conjure up images in your mind. Well, artist Malena Valcarcel decided to go one step further by making physical art from old, discarded books.

All images by Malena Valcarcel/Malena Valcarcel Art, used with permission.
Malena Valcarcel/Malena Valcarcel Art

Malena Valcarcel has always had a passion for reading books. From an early age, novels and stories have opened up whole new worlds to Malena, and she has drawn on her experience to inspire her latest art. She has found an incredibly interesting way of recycling unwanted books.

Malena gathers dozens of old books from libraries and recycling bins, and then transforms them into fascinating sculptures. She says that she treats the books like people by giving them a new start, a makeover of sorts. She enjoys honoring the stories of each book by including its characters and aspects in her sculptures.

Nobody will be able to read these old books once Malena is done with them, but she actually manages to breathe new life into the pages and help them tell one final tale.

Check out some of the examples of her work below: