Superhighway Could Allow Travelers To Drive From London To New York

Proposed superhighway could bridge the gap between America and Europe

The head of Russian Railways has proposed a plan that would connect London to New York through a superhighway. If completed, this highway would represent a huge change in the way we travel.

Photo Courtesy of CNN

Road trips bring people incredible joy. Nothing beats loading up your vehicle, turning on the radio and enjoying the scenic views along the way with friends or family by your side. What sort of trip is your favorite? How about travelling from the East Coast of the US over to the West Coast? What about making your way back and forth along the stunning coastlines of Italy? Could a trip from London to New York make a solid impression on you?

(Photo: Siberian Times)
Siberian Times

Vladimir Yakunin, head of Russian Railways, is looking to make that third option become a reality. He has put forward the possibility of a trans-Siberian highway that has the potential to link Moscow and London to the United States through Alaska. He made this idea public at last year’s annual meeting for the Russian Academy of Science. This monumental breakthrough has people holding onto the edges of their seats.

(Photo: Siberian Times)
Siberian Times

According to CNN, Yakunin’s ambitious operation would stretch for 8,064 miles (12,978 kilometers) from London to Alaska by way of Moscow. He officially refers to it as the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development.

The ride through Russia makes for an extremely long portion of the trip because the highway would expand around 6,200 miles from the Western part of Russia to Chukotka in Siberia. This is a really amazing idea that would make travelling around the world even more convenient.

At the end of Siberia, the road would cross the Berlin Bering Strait to the Seward Peninsula in Alaska. It would then finish in the small town of Nome. The plan has yet to divulge information on how the drivers would make it 55 miles over the ocean. Nome hasn’t found a connection to any other expressway so that leaves room for opportunity and innovation.

(Photo: Siberian Times)
(Photo: Siberian Times)

Judging by the route already in place, the superhighway would have a ridiculous number of stops. After Nome, it could even be linked up to the U.S. Interstate Highway System, giving people access to the whole of the United States. Adding up all of the mileage from London to New York, the journey would come to 12,910 miles.

Vladimir Putin just so happens to be one of Yakunin’s friends, so he’s hoping to receive funding from the country’s leader. However, experts estimate that this project would cost trillions of dollars and that makes it highly improbable, at least for now.

But hey, miracles can happen right? Maybe this superhighway could actually exist someday!

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