Stupid People Are Trying To Take Selfies While Giving Themselves A High Five

Internet, why do you have to be so silly?

In today’s edition of “Dumb stuff people are doing online” we’re able to introduce you to the latest trend: trying to take a photo of yourself, while giving yourself a high five. Yeah.


Hey, I’ve got a great idea! I just bought this $700 phone. I’m going to throw it around like a crazy person in order to take a stupid, blurry photo of myself! Sounds cool, huh?

No. No it does not.

But that’s exactly what people are doing because… the internet.

It all began with this tweet:


And of course, people online immediately said those two famous words: challenge accepted.


Plenty of other people joined in the fun and posted their own attempts.


And this guy even took it to a whole new level.


You know who’s really going to be happy about this? Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, all of those phone manufacturers are going to be loving this whole trend because hundreds of people are about to break their phones and go out to buy new ones or pay for repairs.

But hey! That’s the sort of world we live in, and it is pretty funny to watch people try to do such a ridiculous thing.

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