Steve Harvey Shocks A Loyal Staff Member With A Beautiful Surprise Visit From His Soldier Brother

Rubin Ervin’s brother, Staff Sergeant Ervin, had been serving in Okinawa, Japan for several years.

Rubin Ervin has worked as the audience warm-up comedian on Steve Harvey for 7 years now.


His father is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, his sister a retired army captain, and his brother an active duty Staff Sergeant in the Marines – currently serving in Japan. Harvey sent Ervin to the Chicago Army R.O.T.C. Battalion Boot Camp, where he courageously experienced a speck of what his family have endured throughout their lives. He has often spoken about how brave, strong, and dedicated his family are to serving their nation, and says they have something in them that he simply does not have.

During a special Veteran’s Day episode of Steve Harvey, Harvey decided to give Ervin yet another beautiful surprise – a visit from his brother, Staff Sergeant Ervin. He was flown all the way from Okinawa, Japan, and Rubin did not see it coming in the slightest.

The moment Rubin sees him, he’s immediately brought to tears, along with the audience of soldiers, and Harvey himself. It’s such a wonderful, touching moment, and you can see the love the siblings have for one another radiating from them from the moment they’re reunited.

Check out the amazing, heartwarming moment below!