Someone Decides To Make A Floor Made Of Pennies. The Internet Responds With Stupidity.

Some people really need to think before they type

If you want to feel a little smarter, we promise that this article will help you out. Recently, a homeowner decided to decorate the floor of a room with 13,000 pennies. They shared some images online and the responses were… interesting.

We all make mistakes in life, and sometimes other people see those mistakes, making them even more embarrassing.

The internet doesn’t help with this. It’s easy enough to accidentally post a comment without quite thinking it through. That’s why it’s always important to double check the things you write before you share them with a global audience of millions of people!

Today’s story starts in an interesting way. Imgur user TonyaTooners was remodelling her home when she came up with the original idea of decorating the floor with pennies.

Imgur / TonyaTooners

Looks pretty good, huh?

They used sulfur to dye some of the pennies darker, and also made sure that every penny alternated between heads and tails, and that they all faced the same direction! Talk about a meticulous job.

Imgur / TonyaTooners

TonyaTooners shared images of the floor online, and most people were very impressed with what they saw.

Imgur / TonyaTooners

And then someone posted something pretty dumb, suggesting that the floor, made with 13,000 pennies, was a waste of $13,000.

Imgur / TonyaTooners

Naturally, people were quick to point out the flaw in this “logic”.