Rude Driver Parks In Front of Driveway, So Clever Neighbor Does THIS!

Dale had had enough of this rude driver’s attitude, so he decided to stage a sit-in!

Sometimes it seems like common courtesy can be a hard thing to come by, especially when people are in such a rush. This driver was trying to get things done as quickly as possible, but, unfortunately, without really considering other people around him.

In the video below you can see exactly what this driver does – parks his car right in front of a church driveway blocking the entrance for everyone coming in and out. He chose to do this during a busy time, when people were using the driveway, but he just ran out of his van and said he’d ‘just be a minute’ – he was going into a cafe to get some coffee.

One person who notices the scenario is Dale, a neighbor who lives across the street. When Dale sees where the driver parks though, he decides to take a stand! Or rather, a sit!

Dale put a chair right in front of the driver’s car. He sat down and started reading a book. When the driver came out, Dale waved and said he’d ‘just be a few minutes.’

We bet that got the driver thinking! His ‘few minutes’ in the cafe were actually quite a few – so long that Dale was able to set up his camera and tripod, walk out with his chair and book and set himself up.

Dale later posted the video on Youtube, giving it the title “Just a Minute – How to Teach Common Courtesy.” The response he got was pretty great too! “Bravo…. cheap, easy, peaceful solution, and only 3 minutes of time to block him, but left him scarred for a few hours I bet!” one Youtuber posted.

We think Dale’s technique was pretty clever too – what do you think? See how it all plays out in his video below: