Rude Diner Tells A Mom To "Shut Her Baby Up". Then The Diner's Father Responds.

This rude bully gets taught a lesson

This mom was left speechless a rude man said he wanted her baby to shut up. Fortunately, the baby’s father decided to step up and speak up.


Facebook / Lucy Hatami

Lucy Hatami recently decided to take her 8-month-old baby boy out for a meal. It’s the sort of activity that millions of people enjoy every single day, but eating out with such a young child can be a little difficult.

Babies cry. It can be annoying, but most people understand that it’s just part of life and there’s no need to get all worked up about it. Sadly, not everyone is like that. So, when Lucy’s son started to cry in the restaurant, Lucy overheard a fellow diner saying how he wished that the child would shut up.

Lucy was stunned into silence. She wanted to say something, but couldn’t get control over her emotions. Then, something unexpected happened.

Lucy shared the story on Facebook. Scroll down to read it for yourself.


That moment when your [sic] in a restaurant trying to have breakfast whilst your 8-month-old son is crying and a boy (early 20s) muttering, “I wish she’d shut that thing up!”

Facebook / Lucy Hatami

Before I could even respond, his dad comes up behind him clips him round the ear and says, “What and you think you were perfect? You were a right little sod.

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“Now stop being a brat, go up there and apologize to her and offer to get her breakfast as she clearly has her hands full!”


So I got my buffet breakfast with waiter service along with a lovely coffee…

Facebook / Lucy Hatami

Thank you to that dad who even after 20 odd years still remembers the difficulty of being parents to babies!

Well done to that guy’s father! Even if a baby annoys you someday, it’s important to remember that you were exactly the same at one point. We were all babies and our parents all had to deal with us crying for hours on end.

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