Penguin Freaks Out When This Wave Touches His Feet

Hilarious moment is captured on camera for all to see

Penguins are funny animals. These flightless birds have an amusing appearance and are often found behaving in bizarre ways. Just look at this little guy, who seems to be scared of waves!


This video appeared in December, 2016. It shows a penguin and a few of his pals walking along the beach.

The video begins in a pretty normal way. We see the penguin waddling along, looking for food. Suddenly, he starts to freak out. Why? A little wave is about to arrive on the shore.

For some reason, the penguin simply doesn’t know what to do as the wave approaches. He flaps his little wings and jumps around like crazy.

Then, the wave comes closer and finally touches his feet. Once again, he completely loses his mind! He starts jumping around and running in circles in an effort to avoid the wave.

The funny thing is that he doesn’t learn his lesson. More and more waves keep on coming, and he continues to freak out.

We almost feel sorry for the little guy, but it’s simply too funny to watch him flailing around.

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