Newly Adopted Doberman Throws Toddler By Her Diaper to Save Her From Killer Snake

This courageous pup had been abused by his previous owner, and had only been with his new family for four days!

This pup’s bravery saved a young girl’s life from a terrible fate.


Taking home a newly adopted rescue dog is one of the greatest and most satisfying feelings in the world. Many of the animals in need of rescue come from homes where they were abused or neglected, and giving them the forever home that they deserve is a precious gift.

One Australian family decided to adopt an abused Doberman named Khan. Upon finalizing the adoption, they couldn’t have been more ecstatic. They knew of Khan’s difficult life, and his new mom Catherine wanted to make sure she made him comfortable and treated him like a family member.

Four days into Khan’s first week at his new home, Catherine felt that the Doberman was acting odd around the family’s 17-month-old child, Charlotte. She looked out the window and saw that he was pushing her around the back yard, and suddenly she saw her daughter fly through the air.

In the first few seconds, she was horrified. As she ran out to see what was going on, the incident got stranger as she heard Khan let out a painful yelp. What happened next will shock you!

Stephanie Miller and Soquel Dobermans

Some dogs, like the Doberman, have bad reputations, and are deemed aggressive dogs. They have slick black bodies and sharp teeth, leading many to think they are comparable to land sharks. In shelters, new parents or those expecting often ignore Dobermans and breeds like them due to fears over their child’s safety.

Little did they know, this “bad” breed could end up protecting their child rather than harming them!


For Catherine and little Charlotte, they knew that Khan needed a home that would provide a loving atmosphere where he could run, eat, drink, and enjoy his life, unlike what he had experienced in his past.

Khan was adjusting to the family and vice versa, and things seemed to be going wonderfully. Then as he and Charlotte were playing in the backyard, Catherine noticed his strange behavior, and feared the worst.

She new that Khan had been abused in the past, so like any mom, she feared that maybe the poor Doberman would snap. He seemed to be pushing the girl around, baring his teeth and more.

Suddenly, before the mother was able to react quick enough, Khan yanked Charlotte by her diaper and tossed her a few feet away. Then he yelped in pain.


Khan had actually been protecting young Charlotte from a King Brown Snake, one of the deadliest in Australia. The snake bit Khan on the paw after he protected the baby first.

Australia is home to some of the deadliest animals in the world, and snakes like the King Brown have venom that can kill a human in minutes. For a young girl of Charlotte’s size, the snake’s bite could be fatal.

Khan, having been bit in the paw, continued to protect the little girl. He stood between his young owner and the deadly snake, barking at it furiously. Despite the venom now coursing through his bloodstream, he continued to try to scare away the snake, and succeeded right before collapsing.


The courage and loyalty this dog showed for his new owners will never be forgotten. The story of the noble dog spread like wildfire. All over the world, people were calling him “Khan the Wonder Dog!”


Fortunately, Catherine managed to make it to a clinic in time for vets to administer the anti-venom, saving Khan. Even though it had only been four days, the pup proved his loyalty and dedication and put his own life on the line to save his new family.

This story will sure shut down anyone who thinks that Dobermans are aggressive or that abused dogs can’t be trusted.  Sure, Khan showed some aggression here, but it was only in order to defend his new family!

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