Man Buys A Dresser For $100, Then Discovers A Secret Drawer Filled With Treasure

This 125-year old dresser had some hidden secrets!

It’s the sort of story we all wish would happen to us. This guy bought an old dresser at a yard sale. He only paid $100 and then later discovered it was filled with valuable medals and treasures!


This is one of those stories that will make you want to run out to the nearest yard sale and try to make the same thing happen for you.

Emil Knodell, 67, was recently browsing a yard sale in the town of Bellville, Texas. He spotted an antique dresser, with an attractive marble top and some nice carvings on the drawers. He asked for some information about the dresser, with the seller revealing that it was around 125-years old and could be sold for only $100.

Emil liked what he heard and handed over the cash.

He and his friend then carried the dresser over to their truck. As they tipped it onto its side, they heard a sound. It was a jingling, like coins or metal. They’d already checked all the drawers and seen that the dresser was empty, so what was making that sound?

Well, they later discovered a secret drawer, hidden away at the base of the dresser. When they opened up, they couldn’t believe their eyes!

The drawer was filled with jewelry, medals, cash and even diamonds! It was a veritable treasure trove, even containing some Civil War memorabilia. All-in-all, we can’t even begin to estimate how much all of that stuff must be worth!

But get this, instead of taking the treasure for himself, Emil called up the seller and offered to return the dresser. He told him all about the secret drawer, and the seller was shocked to learn about all that secret treasure.

We have to admire Emil’s integrity. Would you have done the same thing? Or would you have kept the goodies for yourself? Let us know and SHARE the article around.


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