Let's Never Forget That Time Leah Remini Caught Her Husband Cheating Live On The Ellen Show

Degeneres was trying to prank call Remini’s husband, Angelo, when his mistress picked up the phone…

Ah, the wonderful world of television.

You may not know this, but a couple years ago The King of Queens star Leah Remini appeared on Ellen, and found out with the rest of the world that her husband was cheating on her. The Ellen Show is generally pretty genuine, wholesome chat show – but on this day, for just a brief moment, the show went full-on Jeremy Kyle/Cheaters/every trashy show we all know we love.

DeGeneres was calling Remini’s husband Angelo to prank call him with an over-the-top British accent. Surprisingly, though, somebody else answered the phone – a woman. Ellen asks who was speaking, and it’s apparently somebody named Tiffany. Immediately, Leah yanks the phone out of the comedian’s hands, which seems to startle her a tad, and kindly informs Tiffany that she is, as a matter of fact, Angelo’s wife.

Tiffany was perhaps just as shocked as Leah was, as she can be heard whispering to Angelo ‘you’re married?!’ The audience went silent in shock of what they were witnessing.

Okay okay, we’ll come clean – it was just a prank that Ellen, Leah, and Angelo were playing on the audience – but it was a pretty amazing moment and watching it for the first time not knowing the truth is quite a shocker! This is why we love Ellen.

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