Kid Is Getting Ready To Eat Lunch. Then A Cafeteria Worker Throws His Food In The Trash.

Student forbidden from eating because he owes the school $26

This student’s classmates were stunned when they saw a cafeteria worker force him to throw his lunch in the trash.


The incident occurred at Madison County High School in North Carolina.

15-year-old Dominic Russell had just picked up his lunch tray and was getting ready to enjoy his food when he was stopped by one of the workers, who asked him to throw the tray away.

Why? Well, it turned out that Russell owed the school $26 in lunch money. The student said he was unaware of the debt.

“I was in the hole $26, I think. And I had already gotten my lunch and walked back to the table,” said Russell. “And then they came and got me, and made me go back up and throw it away.”

Russell decided to take a stand. He didn’t want to waste the food by just throwing it away. Other students joined in the rebellion and started shouting “Let Him Eat!”.

In the end, Russell paid for the lunch and managed to eat it. He says that kids shouldn’t have to be treated like that over such a small amount of money. Meanwhile the school says that, once the debt reaches $15, the kids receive a warning and the school has the right to prevent them from eating.



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