Judge That Sentenced Army Vet To Night In Jail Shows Up To Knock On Cell Door-The Reason Why is Devastating

He never expected a judge to do such a thing…

Joe Serna had bravely served his country overseas, witnessing a devastating accident that left him severely scarred with PTSD. Back on American soil, Serna ran into some trouble with the law that resulted in an overnight jail stay. He wasn’t prepared for what happened next. 

Serna was on probation when caught lying about a mandatory urine test. The result of a DUI years prior, his probation sentence came with strings attached. Any falsified or failed tests would revoke his pretty lenient probation terms.

Judge Lou Olivera sentenced the former soldier to one night in the county jail. While it may sound like a relatively lenient punishment, the gray, cold, concrete walls took Serena back to the devastating memories of Iraq.

Locked alone in the tiny room, Serena could feel himself begin to panic. That’s when Judge Lou Olivera showed up outside the cell. The man was caught on camera in one of the most heartfelt moments shared online.

You’ll have to see it to believe it.

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