Hero Firefighter Loses Job After Saving Family From Burning Building

He was forced to leave his job after injuries sustained from the incident.

Last year, an apartment building in Chattanooga, TN, caught fire. Lieutenant Vernon Lane knew that the people trapped inside needed his help.


On the third level of the building, a woman was trapped by the flames. As expected, she was terrified and panicking that she would not be able to escape with her baby. She reacted in the only way that she could, and came up with the decision to throw her baby from the window, and follow that up by jumping herself. She was only hoping that somebody was there to catch them when they landed.

Luckily, Lane was there at the perfect time. He witnessed the baby falling from the building and reacted immediately. “My instinct told me just to dive, just dive and try to catch the baby,” Lt. Lane told Channel 3 News. After catching the baby, he explains: “I felt the weight of somebody’s body come down on my back as I was getting back up, and I realized it was the mother of the child.”

Lane proceeded to pay a visit to the mother and child in the hospital after the incident, both thankfully alive thanks to the great efforts of Lane’s quick reaction. Lane however, was pained from injuries as well, and after a long career of 16 years in the field, was required to leave his job.

“Firefighters have to be 100 percent. We have to be able to lift heavy weight, climb up ladders, and crawl,” explains Chris Adams, the fire chief. “We have to be able to bend and distort our bodies in any kind of fashion, so the public expects us to have 100 percent of that ability when they respond and we expect that.”

As heartbreaking as it is that Lane was forced to give up his job, the chief firmly believes that if Lane was put in the same position again, he would act no differently.

This story of heroism is incredible and Lane deserves all the recognition he can get for what he did, putting others’ lives ahead of his.

Watch more in the video below.

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