Here Are 13 Realistic Signs That Prove Your Partner Might Be Cheating

No, you won’t magically find someone else’s underwear in your couch or lipstick on his collar…

5. Change in their everyday routine

By a certain age, people know what they like and don’t like, and form lasting habits. Especially if you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, they tend to be ritualistic about certain things. If your parter begins to break their patterns for no apparent reason, maybe you will want to figure out why they’re rearranging things in their life.

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6. They aren’t around for long periods at a time

Obviously, if your partner is often away for untold reasons, something is going on. Sometimes, if you caught a sneaky one in your life, they find a way to explain it in the most logical way. Did they jut want alone time? Did they go and look for something at the mall? Did they feel like taking a jog in the park? Much of these excuses are fool-proof, as you can’t really find out if they were true or not.


7. Starting to pay extra attention to their appearance

Did you partner begin buying lots of new clothes, get a haircut, change the way they do their makeup, or the like? Did they used to sit in their pajamas on Friday night, but now they suddently want to get their hair done and spend time in front of the mirror? Or have they started hitting the gym a lot more than before? All of these changes often indicate they’re trying to impress someone. Let’s just hope it’s you!

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