Here Are 13 Realistic Signs That Prove Your Partner Might Be Cheating

No, you won’t magically find someone else’s underwear in your couch or lipstick on his collar…

Think you’ll know if your partner is cheating on you? Think again!

We all like to think that we would know if our boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on us. Some of us even think that we would just “get a feeling” about it. Forget all that, because unfortunately, some people can be really good at it. Not everyone is dumb enough to leave their mistress’ panties in the corner of the room, or give the person their cheating with their home phone number. This list is for those that are smoother about it than you would like to think…

How many of these signs can you recognize?

1. Going to bed at different times.

The old, “I just have to be up early” or “I’m just going to watch some Netflix” excuses shouldn’t work on you. Your partner may claim they have some reason for going to bed before or after you, but they might be trying to buy themselves some alone time to talk to someone while you can’t watch. They may even go as far as sleep on the couch.

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2. Trying to keep track of you being home or not.

If your partner suddenly cares a little too much of where you’ll be at different times, maybe their trying to hide something. Maybe they want to sneak away with no questions asked, or maybe they want to have someone over. Regardless, if this begins happening out of nowhere, maybe you should pay a surprise visit home.

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3. They avoid movies or TV series that talk about affairs or cheating

You should try to play HBO’s series The Affair and see how they react. Do they not want to watch it? Do they get all squirmy and weird? If you see them begin to look uncomfortable or act odd in any way, that may be a sure sign.


4. New scents

Do you suddenly smell a different perfume or cologne on your partner? Is their choice of scents different than normal? Sometimes, when people start seeing someone else, they try to impress them with the scent they like. Otherwise, maybe they found their way into someone else’s scent. Either way, you can try to figure out why they made the change!

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