Here are 10 Awful Hair-Dye Stories You Just Won't Believe!

This will stop me from ever dyeing my hair…

Some of these people should have thought twice before dyeing their hair. What a nightmare!


1. This green abomination

Flickr / Laundry Broad

“I did a doozy as an apprentice. In the color range we used we had these two colors, 22-0 was black. Aaaaand… 0-22 was matte (means green) concentrate. My genius boss had them pretty much next to each other.

“Lady comes in to have her white as snow roots touched up. Guess which tube I grabbed in my inexperience?” – Ghastlycitrus

2. Their plan was foiled. Get it….get it?

Flickr / Samantha Steele

“Getting my haircut next to a woman in foils talking about her wedding the next week. Her hairdresser tries discreetly to wave my hairdresser over. The bride-to-be is oblivious to the ‘Oh shoot’ moment they are witnessing as they check the foils. My hairdresser apologized but asked if she could pause my haircut while she helped the other girl out.

“I felt so bad for this poor woman by the time I left. Essentially she had given her a chemical cut right where she folded the foils, so not only was the woman left with orange/yellow tie-dyed hair since they had to immediately remove the bleach, it was at least 6 inches shorter than when she came in.

“I don’t know the final outcome but you could mop the floor with everyone’s tears.” – CTRickycallsmeJamie

3. Well at least she handled it well…

Flickr / Penn State

“So, a few years ago, a friend of mine did a color correction for this woman. She had gone to a salon to get the bottom layer of her hair red. Well, it didn’t turn out well (I think it was like kinda red and splotchy) so she lightened it to apply a vibrant red. When she went to rinse the color, the hair was destroyed.

“I was a senior director master stylist and required to handle matters. When I went over, the hair was completely breaking off about 2″ from the scalp. I explained the situation expecting her to lose it and she just started laughing.

“She went with it and shaved it off.”  —MayWeHaveAnother

4. Oh man, just be happy your hair ever grew back.

Flickr / Taber Andrew Bain

“About a year ago I went to get my first bleach ever, and the hairdresser messed up and gave me a third degree chemical burn. It felt like getting my hair ripped out for two straight days, went to the ER and they confirmed a third degree. Now, I have a huge scar.” – ladycoleopterist

5. I doubt she’s coming back to claim that discount.

Flickr / insidious and subtle M

“I am a hairdresser and this lady wanted a purple fringe so I lightened it and mixed up the purple cocktail adding extra purple. Washed it out and it was red. I was so embarrassed I apologized and gave her a discount. Not using that cocktail again. She forgave me though.” – bionicbambi