Guy Takes His Three Kids To Visit His Ex Wife, Learns A Valuable Lesson

Touching story shows the power of love and family

Ever been through a bad breakup or divorce? If you have, you’ll know all about the anger, frustration, sadness and other negative emotions surrounding such troubled times. But this story shows that living with peace and friendship as your guides is a much better way to go.

Facebook/Sean Whelan
Facebook/Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen recently shared a post on Facebook about a meal he had with his ex wife. It’s an inspiring story, and one we need to share.

5 years ago, Sean separated from his wife. The couple’s divorce was traumatic for everyone, Sean in particular. He describes how he felt so much anger towards his ex’s new boyfriend, how he couldn’t even communicate with her directly, and how their children suffered as a result.

Years later, Sean has learned a valuable lesson, and we can all take something from his story.

Now, after going through such hard times, Sean has come out stronger on the other side. He has reconciled with his ex wife and recently visited her and her husband’s house for dinner. He took the kids along with him and the whole family enjoyed a nice time.

Facebook/Sean Whelan
Facebook/Sean Whelan

Sean preaches the idea of peace and letting go. It can be hard, but it’s especially important to think of the children in situations like this one. Had Sean continued to be angry and distant, his kids would’ve suffered even more and been deprived of wonderful moments like we can see in the image above.

This man has learned to accept life’s hardships and deal with them in the best possible way. His positive attitude is inspiration and, if we can all be a little more like Sean, the world will be a better place.

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