Dog Is Terrified When Her Owner Arrives Wearing A Chewbacca Mask

The dog’s reaction is pricless

We love our pets, but it can be funny to pull pranks on them from time to time. When this guy decided to don a Chewbacca mask, he definitely wasn’t expecting his dog to react like this!


The video appeared on YouTube last month and has been a big hit, showing a man from Lisbon, Portugal, wearing a Chewbacca mask in order to try and scare his pet pup.

His dog, named Eva, definitely isn’t expecting this as the man arrives in the living room and begins to roar.

At first, Eva is intrigued and jumps up to investigate. Maybe she thought that a new friend had arrived to play. After all, Chewbacca does look a little bit like a dog!

Moments later, however, as the owner gets closer to Eva, she begins to freak out. After one big roar, she even jumps away in fear.

The owner immediately takes pity on his furry friend, removing the mask to reveal his true identity and offering Eva a little cuddle.

The dog then begins to sniff the mask and even tries to bite it! We think it’s safe to say that Eva isn’t much of a Star Wars fan.

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