David Bowie Is Blown Away When He Hears George Michael's Voice

We lost some incredible musicians in 2016

Let’s just get it out there: 2016 was a terrible year. Why? Well, because we lost some of our favorite people, particularly in the music industry. Leonard Cohen, Prince, David Bowie, and now George Michael have all passed away. 


The year began with the news of the tragic passing of David Bowie, and it’s now ending with the saddening reports regarding the death of George Michael. The world will never forget these two legendary musicians.

Another iconic singer who passed away back in the 90s was Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen. In order to give Mercury a proper send-off, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert was organized, with many stars in attendance, including both Bowie and Michael.

The video below shows some of the rehearsals in preparation for the show. We see David Bowie watching from the stands as George Michael takes to the stage.

As soon as Michael starts to sing the band’s classic hit, ‘Somebody to Love’, everyone watching, including Bowie, is simply blown away.

The video has taken on a special significance with the recent passing of Michael. It’s both sad and uplifting to see these two remarkable talents in the same room together. The musical world won’t be the same without them, but at least we have songs and videos like this one to remember them by.

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