Dashcam Footage Shows A Cop Cautiously Approach An Injured Bald Eagle and Amazingly Bring It Into Safety

The highway trooper took a major risk as he embraced the hurting bird of prey.

We’re moments away from the US Election, and a bald eagle has just flown into a windshield…



Perhaps a sign of impending doom?

In all seriousness, it’s not great seeing any animal in pain, but especially something as iconic and special as a bald eagle. The eagle had hit a windshield on a highway in Osceola County, Florida, and fallen to the side of the road where it was stranded and suffering.

Highway Patrol officer Julio Velez noticed the bird of prey, and pulled over to inspect the scene. He could tell that something had gone wrong and that the animal was in bad condition, so he cautiously approached it. Bald eagles can be extremely dangerous if they feel threatened, so officer Velez was taking a huge risk in getting anywhere near it – but he felt he absolutely had to do it.

At first, the eagle resisted, but eventually the officer was able to take him in, and place him gently in the backseat of his car.

“[Velez] received several puncture wounds to his arm, those talons I’m sure are pretty sharp. But, he re-positioned, bear hugged the eagle and was able to get into the car,” said Sgt. Kim Montes.

The best news is, vets have determined that the eagle will have a full recovery, and when released he will fly freely once again!

The amazing moment was all caught on dash-cam, check it out below!