Dad Wrote This Powerful Letter To His Young Sons After Hearing Donald Trump's Comments

Smart dad’s online post says a lot about what it means to be a man

Father of two young boys, Derek Steele has been following the 2016 presidential race closely. After he saw the shocking comments made by Donald Trump in a recently-leaked video, he knew he had to do something. He decided to write a letter for his two sons on Facebook, in order to talk to them about what men are really like.


So, by now, you’ve surely heard all about one of Donald Trump’s latest scandals. Recently, a 10-year old video leaked showing the Republican presidential candidate saying some pretty shocking things about women. In the video, Trump boasts about groping women and forcing himself onto them. The billionaire businessman has since dismissed his words as “locker room banter”.

Recently, former New York mayor Rudy Giulani weighed in with his views, stating that “Men at times talk like that”.

When Derek Steele, a father from Michigan, heard that statement, he was shocked to the core. He didn’t want his young sons to grow up believing that Giulani’s statement was true, so he decided to write them a letter via Facebook. For now, his boys are just 4 and 7 years old, but one day he knows that they’ll have Facebook and access to the internet, and perhaps they’ll find their dad’s old message and learn a thing or two from it.


Here’s the post in full:

Caleb and Ethan: Fortunately right now you are too young to be exposed to or interested in political discourse. And you are much too young to have Facebook accounts. But I imagine there will be a time in the not too distant future when you are on Facebook and we’ll be friends. I also imagine that at some point after that whether out of boredom or interest you’ll look back through your old man’s posts for some funny stories and maybe some tidbits of wisdom — so I’ll leave this right here for you.

Men do not, at times, talk like that. Sure some individuals with an X and Y chromosome like you may say something like that, but we do not call them Men. We call them perverts, abusers, or rapists — not Men. Real Men don’t do that and wouldn’t even think to say that.

You will hear a lot of people tell you what Men do or what it takes to ‘be a Man’. The vast majority of it will be total garbage. If you want to be a Man, forget about machoism or sexual conquest. Being a Man is not about that. It’s about protecting those around you who are weak or innocent — maybe a child being bullied or your own children. It’s being awake at all hours of the night to warm a bottle, change a diaper, change the sheets on a wet bed or even worse. Men get puked on, pooped on, bled on and cried on. It’s about being open with someone, vulnerable and accountable. It’s admitting your mistakes and failures — in all its ugliness — and seeking forgiveness, over and over and over again. Real Men play dress up and enjoy tea parties and will make a complete fool out of themselves just to hear a child laugh. They cry, even weep, when the situation calls for it. They respect, honor and cherish women because all of them are human — created in the image of the Creator.

It’s tough being a Man. Hardest work you’ll ever do. So when someone tries to justify abhorrent words and behavior by sullying your good reputation as a Man — be angry and speak up. Don’t let them define you down by their conduct. In short — be a Man.

Sincerely, Your Dad

Steele’s message is a poignant one. He makes a lot of smart points and we’re inclined to agree with his views. Too many men and boys grow up with a set of predefined notions about “being manly” and it’s about time that this nonsense stopped. Being a man isn’t about how many people you sleep with, how tough you are or how you criticize and belittle people who are different to you.

Real men are good human beings with decency, respect and common sense. If you agree with Steele’s views, SHARE this article around!