Dad Notices His Carrots Are Disappearing, Then He Discovers His 3-Year-Old Son Is The Thief

Cute kid makes his own “art” with vegetables


Carrots are a classic cooking staple. They can be added to countless dishes and are appreciated by people all over the world. But did you know they can also be used to make art? Read on to see how!


Facebook / Samson Olive

Samson Olive was recently preparing some dinner at home. He was peeling carrots, but every time he turned around, he noticed that some of the carrots seemed to have vanished.

He soon discovered that the carrot culprit was none other than his young son, Patimosi, also known as Osi.


Facebook / Samson Olive

3-year-old Osi had been stealing the characters and using them to decorate the kitchen in some pretty original ways.

“As to why he did it, all he told us after was, ‘Makes me happy!’” Said Samson.

“He is always doing funny little things like this and we are glad that this seems to have brought even a little more happiness to others who have seen it.”

Facebook / Samson Olive

“He’s a funny little three-year-old with a great imagination and lots of creativity. He is always doing funny things that keep us on our toes.”

Facebook / Samson Olive

Osi’s pranks aren’t just limited to carrots though.

“He likes to open all the drawers in the kitchen and leave them that way. He also likes to put kids’ bowls on our cat’s head and sing happy birthday to him.”

Facebook / Samson Olive

It was Samson’s cousin, Madison, who shared the photo online, where it quickly went viral. What we really like is how well young Oli managed to balance those carrots on the handles.

Twitter / Amanda

Funnily enough, other people have even started to get in on the trend!

One Twitter user, pictured above, decided to balance some carrots around her kitchen too. Could this become the next big thing? Only time will tell.

Either way, it’s super cute and it’s always funny to see the silly things kids do.

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