Cute Little Girl Thinks A White-Haired Cop Is Father Christmas

This kind police officer plays along to make this girl’s Christmas extra special

The magic of Christmas is all around us, and we’ve got a super festive story to share with you today.

Facebook / Love What Matters

The above photo, posted to the ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook page, is definitely going to brighten up your day. The photo shows a man with a white beard sitting with a little girl at a restaurant. The man is actually a police officer, and the little girl was eating in the same place as him. She thought that he was Santa Claus and decided to go over and say hello.

The photo was originally posted with the caption, “When a three year old comes up to you during dinner and thinks you are Santa Claus you roll with it.”

Wikimedia Commons

“This beautiful young lady would like a princess Barbie for Christmas,” the caption continues.

“She also now believes Santa is a policeman between Christmases. Wonderful encounter.”

It’s great that the cop decided to play along with the idea and give the little girl a moment she’d never forget.

Wikimedia Commons

Police officers are already heroic people. They put their lives on the line in order to keep us safe, dedicating their days to making the world a better place. It seems only fitting that this man, who has lived such a noble life, would be mistaken for someone as generous and wonderful as Father Christmas himself.

Wikimedia Commons

Let’s not forget that Santa does have his own particular brand of justice! He has the “Naughty” and “Nice” lists and rewards people for behaving well.

Facebook / Love What Matters

The cop is called Joe Parsons and we’d like to say thank you to him for creating such a wonderful moment and giving us a bit of extra Christmas cheer!

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