Couple Spots A Cat Out In The Cold, Then They Realize It Isn't Moving

This poor cat was actually frozen in place

This couple was enjoying a walk on a cold winter’s morning when they noticed a cat sitting in the snow. After a few moments of the cat not moving, they realized that something was wrong.


The scene was like something from a cartoon, only much more serious. The couple walked over to the cat and quickly realized that he was completely frozen in place.

The poor animal’s whiskers were covered in frost and he wasn’t moving at all. Meanwhile, his feet had been frozen into a puddle. If he was left like that for much longer, he would surely die of hypothermia.

The couple knew that they had to act fast. They tried to lift him out of the puddle, but he was frozen in place. They got some warm water from a nearby home and poured it over the puddle until the ice began to thaw. The cat’s legs were finally freed, and the couple wrapped him in a coat to help him warm up.

We don’t actually know what happened to the cat after the end of the video, but we can only imagine and hope that he was taken to a vet and managed to recover from this terrible ordeal.

Thankfully, this kind couple were able to rescue this poor animal. Check out the video for yourself and remember to SHARE it on social media.