Bus Driver Picks Up A Boy With Red Hands And Ears, Then He Does Something Amazing

This kindhearted driver is a true hero

School bus drivers have important jobs. They’re not just responsible for getting the kids to and from school safely, they’re also responsible for making sure those kids are happy. Many drivers forge bonds with the kids and learn a lot about them. Many of them also go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the kids are okay. John Lunceford is one example.



Facebook / Kennewick School District

John Lunceford is a school bus driver in the Kennewick School District in Washington State.

A kindhearted veteran and family man, Lunceford always looks out for the kids on his route, treating them all with the same care and attention he shows his grandkids.

On a frosty morning in December, Lunceford was driving his regular route. He arrived at a stop and noticed one of the kids there was actually crying. The boy had a bright red face and hands, and he was clearly suffering from the extremely low temperatures that day.

As soon as Lunceford saw that the boy was in pain, he leaped out of his seat and went to help.

The Kennewick School District shared the story on Facebook, here’s what they had to say:

Facebook / Kennewick School District