Bullies Pick On "Freak Show" Teen Without Hair. His Twin Brother Comes To The Rescue.

The unconditional love for a brother with cancer…

Alex and Austin Ford grew up as inseparable twins who did everything together. But neither of them could have foreseen the tragedy that struck.

Alex was diagnosed with brain stem tumor and lesions on his spine when he was just 11. He endured 30 rounds of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and Austin stood by him through it all.

Alex made it through and could resume life as a teenager, however the side-effects of the treatments plagued him both physically and emotionally.

The radiation treatments gave him severe hair loss, and by the time puberty kicked in he noticed his hair wasn’t growing the same way as his brother’s.

He was left with bald spots and thinning hair, and he no longer felt like a twin, an experience that he’d really enjoyed.

In a video which he posted on the 20th of December, 2016, he said people made him feel like a “freak show.”

The Ford parents tried to find a solution to the problem. And that’s how they came across Dr. Glenn Charles who also had a pair of twin boys, and he offered to perform a hair transplant surgery for free.

He explained that the procedure could only be conducted between identical twins, as a stranger’s DNA wouldn’t grow out. This was a revolutionary procedure which was done with the help of a robotic arm that implanted the hair follicles via remote control.

Over a period of four years, all of Alex’s natural hair has fallen off, leaving only the hair transplanted from his brother’s head. Alex doesn’t have a full head of hair, but his brother’s magnanimity has given him confidence.

Alex declared that as twins they were already bonded for life, but this act of selfless love has deepened his love and given him faith that they will always be there for each other.

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