Blind Woman Goes Skydiving And Miraculously Recovers Her Sight

She couldn’t believe her eyes!

Losing the sense of sight is one of the most terrible things that can happen to someone. So imagine how great it must feel when your vision comes back!


Josie Paille was just 16 when a vein occlusion caused her to lose the use of one of her eyes. Fortunately, she still had one good eye left and managed to go on living without too many problems.

Years later, Josie received some bad news: the problem was back, and it was affecting her remaining eye. Doctors told her that she would soon be completely blind.

In order to try and lift her spirits, Josie’s brother Peter offered to take her skydiving. He said that, if she really was going to go to blind, she should go skydiving in order to see the world in a special way one last time.

Josie wasn’t interested in the idea. In order to try and get out of it, she made a bet with Peter; she said that she’d call the family home and, if their father answered, she’d do it. Josie was sure that their father was out, but then he answered the phone!

She had to go through with her end of the bet and agreed to go skydiving.

Josie was terrified as she fell out of the plane. In fact, she thought she was going to die. In order to give her children a final memory, she looked up at one of the other divers, who was holding a camera, and held up her fingers for a photo.

It was at that moment that Josie felt a sharp pain behind her eye. It was one of the worst experiences of her life, but when the parachute finally popped, she felt much calmer and at ease.

The next day, Josie woke up and was astonished to realize that she could see, from both of her eyes! Her vision was way better than ever before.

Peter was shocked and took her to the doctor, who confirmed that the bleeding in her eyes had gone and that her eyes were healthy once again. The doctor theorized that the extreme amounts of pressure caused by the skydive were enough to break the blockage in the veins of Josie’s eyes.

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