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Blake Lively's Response After Ryan Reynolds Got His New Hollywood Star Restored Our Faith in Fairytale Love

The couple and their children are absolutely adorable!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are this year’s cutest Hollywood couple…

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame is host to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and represents the culture of American entertainment.

Even if you have visited Hollywood a hundred times before, you cant help but get excited when seeing strip of stars along the famous boardwalk. And to think, so many of our favorite celebrities stood in this very spot as they marked their stamp in history.

As one of his many fans, I can’t wait to see the shiny new addition! I am ecstatic to hear that Ryan Reynolds was given such a high honor!

However no one more so than the wonderful Blake Lively, Reynolds wife.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Blake expressed just how proud she was of her husband’s new achievements. In fact she described the word proud as too “pitiful” a word to portray how she felt.  

Ryan also shared his thoughts on the ceremony. In an Instagram post he said, it felt like a “pinch me moment. But not in the creepy way [his] aunt used to do it.”

Hugh Jackman, actor and close friend, playfully congratulated his colleague’s achievement pretending to give a fake speech on his behalf wearing a mask of his face.

What a wonderful friendship. (h/t people)

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