Awkward And Quiet 23-Year-Old Walks In The Room, Then Judges Become Obsessed With Her Uniquely Raspy Voice

Little did they know … she’s been practicing for this moment since 5th grade.

Living in Brooklyn, Jenn Blosil finally decided to fulfill her lifelong dream to perform onstage. As a huge fan of American Idol, the 23-year-old mustered up the courage to audition for the popular TV show. Her performance was nothing short of magical. 

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The Utah native explained she’d been tuning in to the popular show from the beginning. In fact, watching famed singer Kelly Clarkson win the first season inspired her own performance!

Waiting to meet with the judges, Jenn was brought right back to elementary school. In a conversation with the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, she divulged a painful past memory from her 5th grade years.

“I’d practiced ‘A Moment Like This’ in my basement for I don’t even know how long,” she said. “And then it came time to perform at the talent show and I was supposed to go on stage, and I didn’t leave my seat. I couldn’t do it. It was horrible. I couldn’t get up there.”

Back to face the stage once more, Jenn mustered the courage to conquer her fears. She walked into the judging room with a quirky attitude and soft voice only to take a seat at the piano.

“You look unsure if you’re in the right place,” country star Keith Urban commented.

Finally finding her composure, the contestant took in a few deep breathes. After an encouraging grin from her ‘fellow Jenn’ Lopez in the room, the 23-year-old began her rendition of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

The three judges were completely awestruck by Jenn’s performance. Stunned by the way her hands gracefully conquered the keys and her uniquely raspy voice, they poured out the compliments.

“You can’t help but have a first impression … I didn’t expect the voice to come out, and that’s a nice surprise. I liked what I heard,” Harry Connick Jr. said.

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