Ariel Winter Gets Body-Shamed, But Shames the Shamers Good!

The Modern Family actress knows how to respond to negative body comments – with class & sass!

Being a celebrity can be a tough business. Sure, they make millions and get to enjoy countless tropical vacations, and have to worry a lot less about finances than we do, but boy do they have to keep up appearances! Every makeup slip, every wardrobe malfunction, every pound gained is shamelessly posted by the paparazzi.

One of those celebrities who has been in the spotlight a lot lately is Ariel Winter, of Modern Family fame.


When she first appeared on the show, Ariel Winter was just a little girl.


Now she’s grown into a full-grown, very sexy woman at 18 years old!

Ariel-Winter3-738x1024 If most people saw Ariel walking down the street, they’d probably think she looks incredible. But unfortunately, this is Hollywood, and she’s an actress.

A lot of people have been commenting on her curvier figure lately.


Ariel recently graduated and wore a super foxy dress that she totally rocked to her grad party!


A lot of people, however, kept commenting on how she was too ‘full-figured’ for the dress.

So she Tweeted this!

Ariel-Winter7 Yessssssss!

And she’s kept on rocking the curve-hugging shirts, plunging necklines and leg-baring bottoms ever since!


Unfortunately, she was once again taunted by the paps who managed to get a few pictures of her enjoying a summer day…


One of them of her fixing her shorts that was less flattering.


But once again, she stood up for herself and took to social media…


She has also posted body-positive messages before, which countless fans are reading.


She shouldn’t have to defend her own body, especially not when she looks so great…


But we totally applaud her for continuing to do so, and seriously never letting it get her down!